An ambitious and innovative architectural project

Lodge at Fonds-de-Gras ©OAI

Now that work on the Minett Trail, a project initiated by the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers (OAI), has begun, we would like to take you on a journey through the different municipalities and share some impressions of the different accommodation facilities they offer, while presenting the architects and artists behind this beautiful project. We are delighted to start with the lodge in Pétange, located in the Minett Park Fonds-de-Gras. This project, which provides sleeping facilities for six people in a former passenger car at the Fond-de-Gras railway site, was described by the jury as a ‘delicate intervention’ and is carried out by the architects’ office Teisen & Giesler, in collaboration with artist Justine Blau.

The cart will retain its original appearance and features. The redevelopment focuses on its interior, which will be organised in sequence, from the most exteriorised to the most interiorised space. At one end of the wagon, facing south, is a continuous, bright space that opens onto the site, while the more intimate, compartmentalised spaces face north and are thus protected from views and the summer heat. The wagon is subdivided into functional spaces: nature (loggia), conviviality (living room), hygiene (bathroom), rest (bedroom) and regeneration (sauna). The artwork accompanying it engages a reflection on the place of humans in the natural environment, which visitors are encouraged to protect.