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A new director for L’Arche in Micheville

The Arche of Micheville ©Daniel Brachetti

Julien Floria has recently been appointed director of L’Arche, the culture hub in Micheville:

‘I am a native of Metz and my family hails from the Pays-Haut. At nearly 40 years of age, I have been passionate about the arts for more than twenty years. A former musician and founder and leader of numerous cultural and community projects in the Lorraine, I simply try to put my personal history, influences and artistic sensibility in the service of the discovery of contemporary creation in order to put culture back in the daily life of my fellow citizens by facilitating access to all kinds of artistic practices. For me, creation is an essential part of everyday life and far from being the preserve of an elite. It should be fun, entertaining, a means of expression and experience, regardless of social or educational backgrounds. This is what I will try to implement at L’Arche, a place for everyone, with strong local ties.’

The creation of the “Pôle Culturel de Micheville” on the territory of the CCPHVA is part of a development programme carried out by the “Etablissement Public d’Aménagement Alzette-Belval”, within the framework of an “Opération d’Intérêt National” and the Ecocity label. It echoes the major development of the Belval area in the south of Luxembourg.

The objective is to position this cultural centre as a regional and cross-border reference place for digital arts and their encounter with the performing arts – live performance and events – in which several projects can be deployed: image education, training, pre-production, production, post-production, but also broadcasting, projection, exhibition or any other digital installation.

The centre will feature:

  • 2 broadcasting spaces: a 147-seat movie theatre and a modular auditorium / cinema with a 688-seat capacity.
  • 1 MediaLab: sound & image-oriented digital workspaces – 3D image modelling and video inlay studios, a sound production and post-production studio, a digital training space
  • 1 FabLab (Arcade): inaugurated in January 2020 in the premises of the CCPHVA, which is becoming increasingly successful and will complement the MediaLab offer.
  • An accessible meeting space for local actors
  • A hall welcoming a bar/restaurant

With this new cultural centre, the CCPHVA is equipped with cultural facilities tailored to the territory and its many assets. Moreover, it will reinforce the cultural offer and the position of the Esch2022 territory, of which the “Pôle Culturel de Micheville” is a full part.

As the new director, Julien Floria aims ‘to provide moments of encounter and cultural highlights as early as this winter and throughout the coming season, while also playing host to the fabulous Esch2022 project’.

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