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A dialogue across borders

From Villerupt and Audun-le-Tiche to Timisoara
From 3 to 6 November 2021, Mihai Vilcea and Bogdan Crișan from the Timisoara Youth Foundation met with the teams of the Youth and Culture Centres (MJC) of Villerupt and Audun-le-Tiche. The time spent together allowed the participants of this encounter to give concrete shape to the exchange initiated a few months ago. Their goal is to exchange volunteers as part of projects within the framework of Esch2022 and Timisoara 2023, and to establish a strong partnership with the MJCs of Villerupt and Audun-le-Tiche.

The four days of dialogue were punctuated by visits to L’Arche, the Esch-Belval site and the two French MJCs. The work meetings and presentations of youth programmes by the MJCs and Esch2022 allowed the participants to develop collaborations with a focus on different audiences:

COLLABORATION 14–18 years old
A group of Romanian volunteers from Timisoara will participate in the realisation and production of the project ‘Bal Pop’, which is scheduled to take place in Villerupt on Saturday 7 May 2022. Conversely, French MJC volunteers from Villerupt will be invited to take part in the ‘Neighbours’ Day’, which is planned to take place in Timisoara in May 2023.

COLLABORATION 18 years and over
Two groups of young people, respectively from Audun-le-Tiche and Timisoara, will be invited to co-create and organise a solidarity project to be presented in 2023 in Timisoara. In order to strengthen the links between institutions and young Europeans, numerous online and face-to-face meetings are planned throughout 2022 and 2023 and beyond.

A great collaborative project that all involved are extremely excited about!


MJC Villerupt

See the video of the project ‘Bal Pop’ at